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Today's Fuel Price in Tiruchirappalli

Auto-LPG Rs.56.81/lit.
Petrol Rs.101.25/lit.
Diesel Rs.92.93/lit.
Savings in LPG over Petrol

43.89 %

in Tiruchirappalli, TN

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75 Auto LPG Stations

1000+ Clients

Why You Choose Auto LPG?

Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world, with approximately 16 million of 600 million passenger cars powered using the fuel, representing less than 3% of the total market share. The truly amazing about this is that Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) vehicles may actually be safer than petrol models.

Pollution Free

Auto LPG is less harmful to the environment. It generates very little CO2 and is low in sulphur, nitrogen and other particulate matters all of which contribute to pollution.

Cost Effective

The average yearly price of Auto LPG per litre is generally 50% the price of Petrol, but this varies throughout the year on most dual fuel conversions.

No Compromise in Performance

Auto LPG has an excellent safety record, owing to the strength and integrity of the fuel tank which is safer than petrol and the performance is at par with diesel.


Stringent standards and regulation in place.
Proven, impeccable safety record.

60% of global LPG production is obtained from Natural Gas

3rd Most used automotive fuel globally

Auto LPG is the third most used automotive fuel globally after petrol and disel.

Over 26 Million Vehicles run on auto LPG world wide